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Origami Mobile App Builder works with JReviews • the best directory and reviews solution for Joomla and WordPress sites.


Origami Mobile App

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One-time payment
Includes support & upgrades, and Origami App Builder access for 12 months

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Everything you need to create a mobile app

Mobile App Features

Content Updates

New content from your website automatically appears in the app

White Label

100% white label means you add your own brand to the app

Reviews with photos

App users can contribute with reviews, comments and photos


Users can add listings to their favorites list

Login & Registration

Standard email login or using Google & Facebook


Google maps integration and directions


Listing and review keyword search


Choose sidebar or tabbed menu


Google analytics integration to track app usage

Origami App Builder

Easy to use platform to create and make updates to your mobile app


Choose from a variety of menu types and layouts


Set header color, image and app navigation


Assign directory and category images


Configure integrations with Google and Facebook

" The Origami App Builder platform is a winner! Its highly customizable and its ease of use makes it simple to configure. And with drag and drop functionality I can make changes on the fly without needing any technical assistance. From a cost perspective, I'm definitely getting bang for my buck. I love it and so do my customers. "

Andy Barron


Create your app at a fraction of the cost of custom development

Origami Mobile App License

One-time payment

  • 1 mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Email support, Origami App Builder platform access and software updates for 12 months
  • App customization support not included
Getting started
  • We install the Origami API code on your server
  • We build apps and submit to Google Play and AppStore under your developer account
  • You provide app icon and splash screen
  • You provide app screenshots and metadata description for publishing
Source code
App source code can be purchased separately for $5,000. Appropriate usage of source includes backup, as a basis for your own customizations or to build the app binaries on your own. The source cannot be distributed or re-sold.
12 month maintenance renewal includes a 20% discount and gives you email support, Origami App Builder platform access and software updates.
System requirements
  • PHP 7.0 - PHP 7.1 (PHP 7.2 not supported at this time)
  • JReviews 3.0 or higher

Current Functionality

We have an amazing platform in place and plan to continue adding new features to make it even better! Please contact us if you have any questions.

Install the JReviews app from the App Store and Google Play for hands-on experience.


Available Menus
  • WidgetsPage (listings and reviews)
  • DirectoriesPage
  • CategoriesPage
  • ListingsPage
  • ReviewsPage
  • PhotosPage
  • VideosPage
  • WriteReviewsPage
  • SearchPage (simple search)
  • MapPage with category, keyword and location search
  • ContactPage
  • LoginPage with support for Facebook and Google login
  • RegisterPage
  • AccountPage
  • HTMLPage
  • ExternalIframePage
Features not available at this time
  • Push notifications
  • Custom list menu
  • Listing submit, edit, inquiries, media uploads
  • Owner reply to reviews, and review comments
  • Advanced search/filtering
  • User public profile pages
  • Internal app linking, like click2search
  • Integration with Add-ons. Only the maps functionality is currently available in the mobile app.
  • Attachment, video and audio uploads
  • Audio playback and attachment downloads
  • Support for FormBuilder custom field
  • Support for PHP Format in custom field output

There may be other features not currently available, so if it's not mentioned above, it doesn't mean that it's available.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Please contact us for any additional information

Who is Origami App Builder for?

It is suited for anyone that wants to easily create a native app for news, products, services, directories or reviews. At this time it only integrates with sites running JReviews, the best directory and reviews solution for Joomla & WordPress sites.

Will you build and publish the app?

Yes. First we need to install the Origami API on your server. Your app will communicate with the Origami API. Then, after your initial setup using the Origami App Builder, we'll build the app binaries using your developer accounts. You'll need to add your own screenshots and metadata before submitting your app for review to Google and Apple.

Is there any coding required?

We built the system to make it as easy as possible to build your app without the need for writing any code.

Is the source code included?

The mobile app source is not included. You can purchase it separately for backup, as a basis for customizations or if you want to handle the building of the app binaries on your own. However, the Origami API PHP source code is included, and we install it for you on your server.

How many apps with one license?

The price is for a single app that can be built for iOS and Android.

How is the app content updated?

The content from your website, and changes to menus, layouts and styles made through the Origami App Builder platform are automatically synchronized with the app. However, changes to app icon, splash screen, language file and code updates require re-building app binaries and re-submitting to Google Play and AppStore.

Can I install different themes?

Unlike a website, where you can install more than one theme, the mobile app needs to be compiled into a binary, so installing themes is not possible. However, using the Origami App Builder platform you are able to make certain changes, like adjusting the app menus and layouts, which can then be automatically synchronized with your app.

Do I need to renew to keep my app alive?

No. The app communicates directly with the Origami API that is installed and hosted on your own server, so you remain in control at all times. However, once the included 12 month maintenance expires, you will need to renew if you wish to continue having email support, access to the Origami App Builder platform and software updates.

Can I make code customizations?

The Origami API source code is included and we offer the option of separately purchasing the Mobile App source code if you want to take over the process of building the app and making customizations. We do not provide support for any type of customizations.

How do software updates work?

With new app version releases, the mobile app has to go through a building and re-submission process with the App Store and Google Play. That means the process of releasing software updates and upgrading your app is more complex than what you are used to with the one-click remote updates for JReviews.

Mobile App Builder
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