Create your own mobile app for iOS and Android

Welcome to the documentation for Origami App Builder, the platform that allows you to easily create a mobile app for your website using Joomla and WordPress.

To help you get started with building your mobile app the 3 steps below must be completed. It’s important to read through the documentation carefully so you can provide us with all the information needed to be able to build your app.

Step 1 - Origami API installation

The first step will be for us to install the Origami API on your server. Read the Origami API Installation article for more information.

Step 2 - Complete the information checklist

The second step is to create your app in the Origami App Builder platfom and complete the checklist provided in the Mobile App Getting Started guide so you can fill out the Integration Settings for your app.

Step 3 - Building the mobile app

Finally, after you’ve setup your menus and adjusted other app builder settings, you can publish the app and request a build.

Please explore the rest of the documentation, including the Origami App Builder sections for more information.

Origami API

Origami Mobile App