We install the Origami API on your server and connect it to your site’s database. This is the API that the mobile app uses to communicate with your site’s database to read and write information.


Once you have everything ready per the below requirements, we will need SSH access to your server to perform the Origami API installation.


  • PHP 7.0 or PHP 7.1

  • The API must be installed on the same server as your website

  • An SSL certificate is recommended for the API domain

  • The API URL domain can be a sub-folder of your existing website or another domain or sub-domain, but the API will be installed below the public folder.

    • For example, if your site structure is /home/public_html, the API will be installed in the /home folder and will be called from the public folder. When using a sub-domain for the api, such as, the structure would look something like this, with the site’s public files are only accesible at public_html.

      • /home/origami-api/v1
      • /home/public_html/v1

Configuration File

The API has a configuration file named .env placed in the root of the private folder that we will intially setup for you. This file contains several settings required to get the API up and running. Some of these include:

  • Database credentials
  • Website directory path
  • Email credentials if you use the mobiel app contact feature
  • Origami Token so the builder can read basic setup info from your site and also write uploaded media, and the Mobile App configuration when published.
  • Integration credentials for Google and Facebook Login. These are settings you need to update once you generate the necessary credentials. Read more in Origami API Integrations Setup.